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How MAXBPO Helps Transportation and Logistics Industry?

Transportation and Logistics Industry

Today, an entrepreneur needs to execute a variety of tasks when starting a new business. They need to hire competent staff, oversee the production, develop effective marketing strategy, handle the sales process, pursue potential customers and strive for online leads. Additionally, they need to manage the critical business documents and supervise the shipment. It is an overwhelming list of tasks for entrepreneurs and MAXBPO can help share the business responsibilities through utilitarian services like shipment creation, data collection, and document management. They help businesses deliver shipment in promised time frame without loss of inventory.

Transportation Services

If companies want happy and loyal clientele, then they need to be mindful about timely transportation of the merchandize. The responsibility of product delivery rests upon the company’s shoulders than the logistics & shipment carriers, and entrepreneurs often overlook it.

Maxtech professionals provide POD updates of every delivery and send daily reports to the businesses. They help businesses focus on their core tasks, such as sales, production and marketing, while meticulously supervising and documenting transportation or delivery of goods and services.

Tracking & Tracing

Maxtech uses technologically advanced logistics services to prevent the loss of shipment. Their experts meticulously plan the delivery routes and constantly monitor the process of transportation. Their team is highly capable of quickly resolving issues that may occur during shipment delivery. The glitch-free track & trace services from Maxtech help provide a flawless logistics & transportation services.

Data Management

With their quick, efficient and reliable shipment data collection, data management and order entry services, Maxtech boost the performance of your business. They create digitized freight bill of lading within a few hours of transaction, and upload accurately processed e-BOLs on the company’s server. Maxtech’s team efficiently handles issues related to P & D appointments and contract management services.

Auditing and Payment Processing Services

Maxtech team responsibly executes invoice processing & inventory management services for logistics and transportation industry. They use FTP/VPN services to scan received invoices from their clients. They use the latest software solutions to extract critical customer information from the invoices before uploading the details into a database. Maxtech professionals discuss every step of freight audit and payment processing services with their clients to keep them up-to-date. They meticulously complete every task with dedication and in accordance to their clients’ demands.
Maxtech enables logistics and transportation industry to attend to their core business duties by providing end to end ocean shipping document management services for greater process efficiency.

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