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The Ultimate Sheet on Best Practices in Air Freight Logistics

In the present market, many businesses are using global logistics process outsourcing, especially from low-cost countries to increase their profit. One of the most efficient ways of transporting goods to and from various corners of the world is through airlines. The demand for air cargo transportation has significantly risen today due to a reduced product life cycle and demand for quick delivery. This is where the importance of intelligent air freight logistics planning lies.

Challenges in air cargo transportation

  • It works with a long and complex supply chain. Airlines, air cargo terminal operators, ground handling service providers, forwarders, custom agents, domestic cargo transport service providers etc. Balance and coordination among all these key players is a hard task to achieve.
  • Rising fuel prices increase transportation cost.
  • Tight schedules, coordinating arrival and delivery times of goods.
  • Varied and complex international custom laws.

The Solution

As per IATA, close to 9% of airlines revenue is generated by air cargo. Being one of the fastest and safest modes of delivery, it is imperative for any business to focus on best air cargo management practices.

The Best Air Freight Logistics Practices 

  1. Finding Best Air Freight Forwarders: A bulk of the cargo is carried by intermediaries. Therefore, maintaining a dynamic relationship with reliable freight forwarders is very important. They shall be chosen as per the chosen market and specific needs of your company. Ones that offer extensive knowledge of international custom laws and regulations, and offer optional custom clearance services in a streamlined manner are the best.

  2. Outsourcing the non-core functions: The unpredictable and ever-rising fuel cost is the most daunting challenge faced by air cargo industry. This is not a controllable factor. Thus, for best cost management, outsourcing of non-core functions is a great way. Logistics process outsourcing is the smartest way to function in this industry today.

Outsourcing- The Buzz Word 

Logistics process outsourcing lets a company focus its resources on core areas. Outsourcing your logistics services to a Third Party Logistics Company (3PL) can reduce the back- office workload of processing bills, audits, and thus increasing productivity. Most 3PLs offer real-time tracking and visibility of goods via latest technologies like WMS and EPR. This decreases stress and increases transparency and productivity. You can also outsource customer service to enhance smoother functionality.

Customer Service Outsourcing

Customer service is a very important part of building and sustaining your brand image and maintaining coordination in your functions. To give flexible service, it is important to have open communication via multiple channels, with 24/7 service for customer satisfaction. It increases transparency about the arrival and delivery timings. Inbound and Outbound Call Centers have requisite technology and workforce to meet your needs at the cheapest.

If you outsource customer service your business significantly gains on streamlined order tracking services, inbound web chat, consumer response, dealer locaters and referral services, inquiry handling, online customer support services, warranty registration services, service satisfaction follow-ups, surveys etc.

MAXBPO offers tailored logistics and customer service to facilitate your business growth and expansion by streamlining the operational processes.

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