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Why You Should Love Freight Bill Audit on Contingency Basis?

Freight transportation service-providers on the globe move merchandize worth trillions of dollars, daily. These carriers often issue complex and lengthy invoices for their services rendered. Often, these bills are erroneous due to multiple factors, and these errors may go unnoticed without regular auditing of freight bills by the companies. It is time-consuming task and the companies need to retain the services of additional administrative professionals. It increases a company’s expense while reducing their productivity. MAXBPO professionals can save the companies from these added expenses through their accurate pre and post freight bill auditing services.

Pre-Auditing Freight Bills

It is essential for the companies to audit the freight bills before making any payment to control the costs. The pre-auditing of bills also ensures that application of the rates and other important factors remain 100% accurate. This type of comprehensive analysis can save the companies millions of dollars annually and can make error-free bills available on a contingency basis.

A reliable auditing service-provider of freight-bills can efficiently handle the complicated pricing structure and has the capability of managing multiple modes of transportation services.

  • They can consolidate all the freight bills on a weekly basis for processing before payment.
  • They store all freight bills online and let the businesses access the processed bills from anywhere.
  • They use proprietary software to incorporate the cost-allocation into the payment process.
  • They offer customized solution by separately addressing the pricing requirements of different businesses.

Post-Payment Auditing

This type of auditing is performed to eliminate any chance of overcharging when generating freight bills. The post-payment auditing is extremely essential on contingency basis, as it allows businesses to put an end to deceptive charging. Auditors use their extensive knowledge to quickly identify evidences of overcharging. They collect the past invoices and audit the bills to identify the erroneous calculations or overcharged amounts.

A reliable auditing service provider can process freight-bill depending on a pricing agreement. They have the resources to process the bills for all modes of transportation.

MAXBPO professionals provide these services. They help businesses reduce expenditure and streamline their transportation through accurate auditing of freight charges. They help businesses get an insight through deep data analysis. Businesses may use this detailed information to gain visibility into their cost-cutting strategies.

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