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9 Essential Criteria to Select Data Entry Outsourcing Company

Data is critical to revenue cycles and success rates of the sales processes of the organisations reaching out to their audiences to offer a service. Quite often, companies receive data in a handwritten, non-editable digital format or printed form and need to invest assets, times and efforts into entering that particular data into their systems. Data entry often being a non-core business activity for a significant number of organisations has led them to recognize the need to outsource this to service providers who specialise in the same. This helps save them manpower and time. Besides quality checks by the service provider often ensure better utilisation of time and quality data entries. Data entry is not restrained by geographical boundaries or the size of the organisation; hence companies are keen to take advantage of outsourcing the process after considering critical parameters including costs, efficiency, turn-around times, scalability and data security. Further, specialisation of the service provider is often an important reason to go offshore to get data entry processing. There are certain criteria a firm may need to consider while selecting a data entry outsourcing firm, 9 of which are listed here.

Find below the 9 essential criteria to select data entry outsourcing company:

1.    Cost-effectiveness and savings

It is a critical element in taking a call whether to outsource to a service provider. If the cost of completing data entry is cheaper in-house, it may not be a wise decision for the data to reach outside hands. Not all service providers can provide cost-effective solutions. Furthermore, scalability of operations in the future is another factor you would need to consider when taking a call on the cost-effectiveness of the outsourcing.

2.    Customisations

This perhaps is the most crucial element to consider. Not all companies provide bespoke solutions in their offering. Every firm’s data needs are different and it would be wise to check the range of clients a service provider has catered to including the variety of industries served over time. This would help you understand if customised solutions are possible or your search for the right service provider would need to move on to your next prospective vendor.

3.    Flexibility and elasticity of operations

It is important that the company is able to scale its operations as you so desire and when you seek to do so, especially in cases when you need large date in shorter periods of time. If they are short of staffing or just have enough for their current operations, you should seek other choices as that limits the operations that can be handled. The partner should be able to offer you growth in operations when you seek it.

4.    Technology in use

The software used to enter data are as important and obsolete technology is best avoided as the service provider may only be able to deliver low quality formats and reports. It is important to carefully scrutinize if the service provider if using the latest in technology in terms of software.

5.    Quality of staff

The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firm needs to provide enough evidence of the quality of staff used to enter data. The quality of deliverables is directly proportionate to the staff entering the data in for the firm. It is imperative to not overlook these important criteria when making a choice of BPO for data entry.

6.    Data security and risk mitigation

The security of data- whether in unprocessed or processed form is of prime importance? Security against leaks and hacks are important considerations when choosing the firm you would like to get this done with. Signing non-disclosure agreements, CCTV arrangements are all smaller yet important criteria when outsourcing data entry.

7.    Tracking and monitoring

It is important that there are provisions for checks and monitoring staff and procedures. Internal and external audit procedures and their frequencies are important criteria to be looked before finalisation. Real-time access and monitoring if allowed, to the company outsourcing this would extra add levels of confidence.

8.    Turn-around time

24x7 services and faster turnaround times are crucial criteria to discuss and companies offering this would well serve the purpose compared to those on 9 hour shifts alone. This also ensures data is not stacked and the workflows are even thus ensuring smooth sailing of operations.

9.    Times of need

  Protocols for emergency or dire times of need are required to be in place by the service provider just in case you need data on an immediate basis. Some data at times may require immediate processing and your outsourced partner needs to cater to needs as they arise.
We have look at important criteria you need to consider, check and process while you finalize your data entry outsourcing partner. Having looked at this and placing a tick across the checklist will help get you peace of mind, smoother operations, security of your data and better revenue cycles in place.

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