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Top 7 Advantages of Outsourcing Accounts Receivable Services

Accounts receivable, as a business, is quite often an important asset on the balance sheet of the firm and also the most liquid of all assets. So, should you as a business leader, outsource your Account Receivable? The answer lies in the fact that this could very well help you save time, efforts, money and most importantly the flexibility of operations using a better cash flow. But how does this actually work? What are the visible benefits that a business could achieve using this strategy?

As a business owner or a leader, profitability and stability are always on your priority. While making sacrifices of all sorts and devoting time to sales and operations to run their business day by day, businesses often place accounts receivable in the backburner of the priority list. While it could be tempting to entrust the in-house credits and collection teams or Admin managers, but they may lack the experience and expertise or budgets to ensure the efficiency of the flow of cash. Outsourcing accounts receivable services will ensure the process costs are low while allowing for growth and optimising investments for the business.

Find below the top 7 advantages of outsourcing account receivable services:

1. Save Precious Time

When you outsource accounts receivable to a service partner you can concentrate on your core activities, thus allowing you more freedom for business expansion and growth. Calculating Days Sales outstanding allows understanding the number of sales as outstanding and unpaid. Once outsourced, you will take advantage of enhanced processes to control all collection activities, thus realising greater gains and profits over time. Time is an important factor and avoiding opportunity cost in business is perhaps the biggest gain this outsourcing offers prima facie.

2. Efficiency of Processes

The work-flow is now in the hands of a specialised firm, thus allowing you peace of mind of having experienced resources at hand who understand the debtors and credit policies, thus allowing you the advantage vis-a-vis inexperienced resources in-house, allowing your own staff more freedom to work on. This way your own sales and revenue cycles improve. Your efficiency of processes allows you greater advantages compared to your low-cost investments.

3. Maintain Control

The processes are now more stringent, allowing little lapse, hence you get the unique advantage of optimising each penny you are spending on outsourcing while having regular reporting structure, better cash flows and valuable processed data at hand to take vital decisions. The overall control still remains in your hand although the services are provided by someone outside, who is accountable to fulfil the requirements with better accuracy and timely.

4. Lower Expenses

Unnecessary money wastage of follow-ups and maintaining records and going through the flow is no longer managed by your time, thus allowing you lesser cost incursions. Keeping books up to date and managing cash flows and documentation is no longer a worry as the service provider is liable to provide all services to you as your outsourced partner. While choosing your outsourcing service provider, it is critical that this factor is carefully looked into, so you can maximise gains while maintaining quality.

5. Optimising Staff

When you outsource accounts receivable to a service partner your staff can concentrate on what their main responsibilities are and allow you more time to manage your business without the botheration of concentrating on non-core activities.

6. Better Cash Flow

This is the real reason for reaching out to an outside service provider. You maintain better cash flows that help you gain peace of mind while your cash flows only get better and better, as this is the benchmark you monitor your workflow. This also allows you to pay your own vendors on time and expand operations when the need arises. This also allows for the confidence to move towards your mission faster, rather than worrying about cash flow.

7. Avoid Compliance Issues

Once your cash flows are in place, you are also able to comply with regulations thus avoiding any compliance issues that may arise due to late payments. This helps improve your brand image among the government and vendors alike.

So, having been through this discussion on accounts receivables outsourcing, it is quite clear that the benefits of outsourcing weigh much heavier compared to using in-house resources for this non-core activity, thus helping you manage and operate your business in a better manner. While optimising this process may seem hard to let go initially, yet as a business leader, you are better placed in doing so as this allows you to concentrate on what you do best and giving you the elasticity of growing your business operations when you need to. Business Process Outsourcing firms have mushroomed on the basis of proving better services at lower costs while maintaining the quality of operations, so you as the business owner are well placed to take advantage of using experienced and expert resources to manage your non-core processes.
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