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12 Best Practices in operating an inbound call center

Inbound call centers need to drive optimal performances to keep up the brand reputation, customer loyalty and drive sales and revenues to the set goals and vision. Slacking on procedures and service excellence can lead to a big dip in customers and subsequently falling behind in your business. Especially when your product can be compared to anybody else in terms of quality and performance, what actually stands out is your excellence in service giving you a distinct advantage over your competition and driving the business into an upward trajectory.

An inbound call center needs quality in terms of staffing, technology, and higher standard operating procedures. In an industry where staff attrition is high, it is necessary to look at the best practices in operating an inbound call center, be it while running your own team of inbound call center services or considering inbound call center outsourcing. Let us look at 12 best practices that would set you apart in your inbound call center services and help support your speed and direction of the business.

Find below the 12 Best Practices of Inbound Call Center Services:

1. Set Standard operating procedures and have regular updates:- 

It is imperative to set the right procedures for inbound call centers, and regularly distribute the same within the entire team. This allows for the team to be regularly updated on what is expected from them and there would be a minimal deviation from the set of procedures laid out. New recruits need a copy of this while being inducted while older employees need to be reminded of these time and again, particularly the team leaders and managers who run operations and checks. This sets the first steps to the course for your firm would like to find itself directed into.

2. Hire the right talent with an intuitive interview process

Your staff is your biggest resource and tapping into the right talent is key when you need to be showcasing yourself in the best manner to your customers. Ensure the right talent seeps through with a custom approach to the interview. It is best not to hurry into a hiring spree when needed and allow for the right talent to be interviewed, hired and groomed into the position. Remember, it is your staff that projects your positivity to your customer base.

3. Call monitoring and analysis

Call monitoring using the right technology including predictive dialing and then analyzing for the shortcomings and best practices is a constant need for a successful inbound call center operation. The team leads need to understand the need to facilitate and train the agents on how to analyze speech, monitor the quality of conversations and score 100% of all calls for quality Evaluation forms for call scoring are not just a quick random check, they are your drivers to evaluate consistency in performances and help get better by the day, retaining the quality you desire.

4. Effective communication with agents

Timely coaching and interactive feedback sessions allow for a better environment and allow for both managers and agents to give feedback and thus creating positive energy within the inbound call center.

5. Incorporate and acknowledge customer feedback

Customers drive the business and what they say truly matters. Incorporating their feedbacks, including the constructive ones or complaints and suggestions helps improve your processes and keep you on track. Avoiding or side-lining customer feedback will only worsen the situation and many customers may take their grievance to the general public via social media or public forums. It is imperative to keep improving the customer satisfaction rates with time and take each feedback seriously.

6. Focus on the metrics that matter

There is no point in drowning yourself into metric trying to make sense of everything. The metrics that you need to consider the most and work upon include average handling times, service levels, adherence to agent schedules, abandonment of calls, the average hold times and turn-around times.

7. Use the right language

The language makes all the difference. E.g. when asking the customer to hold the line, saying, “Please hold the line” or “I am putting you on hold”, the best practice would be to take permission and communicate, “My apologies, your query would require me to check for the solution and transfer you through the right person who can help you immediately. Would you mind if I place you on hold for just one minute? I appreciate your patience while you wait.”

8. Consistency in training and grooming

Training keeps the agents on track and consistent reminders of standards and operating procedure being communicated ensure enhanced quality of call handling.

9. Outline a career progression within the agents’ team

Employees work for career, growth, and money. Outlining your approach to this allows them peace of mind and better loyalty which ultimately helps your customer satisfaction rates.

10. Stay positive and allow for a positive environment

Perhaps the best way of improving productivity is creating the right ambiance within the team. Constant motivation and using certain tactics like natural lighting, warmish colors, inspiring art at work, standing desks and positivity in posters around the office space allows for improved thinking and better productivity at work!

11. Empowering the call center agents for consistent improvements

Embedding a sense of ownership in each agent allowing them to speak their mind and use innovative approaches for customer satisfaction while staying within the rules, is the apt way to get your brand communication right. Using the right software and empowering the employees to come up with suggestions to improve work processes are key factors to keep your standards high.

12. Outsource your inbound call center

Outsourcing allows for better control of resources and gives you the freedom of time as you would not need to worry about hiring, inducting, training, grooming, and monitoring staff and allow for experienced staff available for you at a quick call, while being cost-effective because you are only paying for what you use.

Although there are no rights and wrongs, the best firms would keep incorporating best practices to stay ahead of the competition and maintain high levels of operating procedures to keep customer satisfaction levels high thus leveraging resources to stay on-course of the desired business goals.
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