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How to Hire a Virtual Assistant for Your Business?

Having a personal assistant at hand is great for work. Taking care of daily chores at work or even as an extension arm to some specialised services like market research and analysis, digital marketing, data entry or administrative assistance or as your Executive Assistant, a personal assistant is more than just a clerical position. These kinds of works need certain levels of skills and competencies and the opportunity cost is of high value when things go wrong or haywire. Once you take a call to hire Virtual Assistant there are a number of considerations that must be checked, to ensure that you are choosing the best there is. In this time and era of technology and globalisation, where distance is often covered by a virtual presence, Virtual assistant services are often outsourced. There is a choice of a number of Business Process Outsourcing firms you may hire a dedicated virtual assistant. Let us look at some benefits of having an effective Virtual Assistant at hand.

Virtual Assistant will add value to your work

You can only work the number of hours you have. Let us say you have 60 working hours a week. A virtual assistant might be able to double that or say add another 40 valuable hours.

Virtual Assistance gives you more freedom

Not only does this add to your hours, it also frees you from multi-tasking thus making your day more effective. It allows you to focus on your core tasks rather than drifting between not so important work and errands at hand. Aces in their places, if you have heard that!

Cost Effective

Hiring a Virtual Assistant also saves you the cost and time to hire and train the individual and then worry about attrition. Moreover, you only pay for the time worked rather than paying a full salary to a hired resource even when there is little to do.

Global Talent

A Virtual Assistant can literally work from anywhere on the planet. You don’t have to depend on local talent and can take advantage of the skillset of people from across geographical boundaries.

The next challenge is how to hire a Virtual Assistant for your business. Let us have a look at the parameters and considerations you may have before you finalise one.  Follow these steps and you are at ease during and after the process of hiring the right talent for a dedicated Virtual Assistant.

Find below the tips to hire virtual assistant for your business:

Step 1: Document the processes and tasks you would like to get done

It is important that you pen down tasks and a document listing the Standard Operating Procedures to complete the task as per the regulations set for it. Ensure the Virtual Assistant understands the processes before the application or proposal comes into you.

Step 2: Create a job description

A complete job description would help. This ensures you pen down skills, competencies, and more. List the following

•  Vital information about your business including your industry, your services and major stakeholders like clients, investors or more
•    The levels of education besides experience
•    Skills and competencies required
•    Roles and responsibilities
•    The tools and/or software being used for the workflow

Step 3: Review the firms and the talent

Get a feel for the firm outsourcing the industries they have worked for including expertise, experience and roles before you shortlist them for screening. The hierarchy levels, a number of employees, flexibility to scale, time management are some crucial factors to look at while screening the firm.

Step 4: Ask for testimonials

Ask the business outsourcing form for testimonials of the firms they have served. This will help you gauge an understanding of whether their strengths match your gaps. 

Step 5: Get a trial period before you start

It is prudent you get a trial period. This would give you an insight into the working, communications, timeline and quality of work offered. Once you are able to qualify the work offered, you gain the confidence to depend on them for your tasks while they are more accustomed to your needs.

You may reach out to Max BPO for Virtual Assistant services. Specialised Virtual Assistance is available for a number of value-added services including:

 •    Data Entry

Virtual Assistants often work similar to their physical counterparts but the strength of working online, with specific skill sets and being more effective in terms of time, money and quality of work offered will offer you a great advantage. It also relieves you off the stress of doing non-core tasks and you free up time for your core services. You do what you do best while the rest can be taken care of by hiring Virtual Assistant(s). Go for it!
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