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5 Must have Technologies for Call Centers

It is imperative in today’s age and times to ensure customer service is given the top-most priority. Call Centers are no exception. With the advent of technology, it is considered best practice to combine human skills and interactions to be backed by the latest in innovation, thus placing your customer’s interests where they should be, i.e. right on top. Customers’ interests and experiences define the loyalty they have with the brand, thus it is the customer who decides where his money goes and if the moolah is not heading towards you then there are chances you are lagging behind in the business.

call center is your communication doorway to the customer, which essentially means that the experience that customer has with the call center defines the way the customer’s behaviour; either staying with you or choosing your competitor over you. The customer support environment needs to have technology in place to provide the best services to its customer.

Let us look at the 5 must-have technologies for call centers:

1.  CRM Integrated Desktop

A CRM desktop allows fast access to all tools for the customer service agent, thus ensuring a fast turn-around time for consumer queries, and a better feedback from customers. Having an agent go through multiple tools in different windows delays the process, places more calls on hold for longer times and adds to customer frustration, especially in times when the customer may already be calling in with an issue to be resolved.

2.  Call Distribution

It is imperative that calls are distributed based on the volume, hence the best practices would be to have higher number for agents when the call volume is high. A standard number would not be the call here; hence the promotions and other factors should be a basis to decide the staff strength to ensure customers get attended to as fast as possible. Also, intelligent systems that allow the technology to direct the call to the respective agent would be the best standard in practice. This allows for least transfers and lowest hold times. The best solutions cater to immediacy and aptness for the customer.

3. Interactive Voice Response (IVRs)

Automated IVRs with the requisite channels and intelligent systems for call diversions are key to the effectiveness of a call center. IVR keep the customer engaged and sometimes the solution could be a quick connect to software for an answer rather than engaging human help, thus saving you time and money.

4. Predictive Dialling           

The Algorithm for predictive dialling is complicated and intelligent and analyses the data, also further making some meaningful deductions based on it. The intuitive algorithm considers different attributes related to the data including customer demographic details and time zones, thus ensuring an effective approach. Based on the given attributes, the algorithm of the predictive dialler picks an apt time to dial a call to the customers, ensuring higher rates of call answers.

5. Tools to Record And Monitor The Call

Technology should be in place to help record all calls and monitor them for quality, effectiveness, feedbacks and more importantly understand the gaps in technology or processes to help the customers, or in fact be able to come up with ideas for the future. Checks and audits, including manual and automated processes, help gauge the customer experience, thus leading to better overall feedbacks from customers and better revenues for the firm.

It is imperative to use technology to help understand and grow customer behavior and loyalty and make the call centers more engaging rather than just a quick help center. The better you optimise technology with the human experience, the better it is for your brand reputation and growth charts. When outsourcing your call center services to a Business Process Outsourced unit, it would be a wise decision to check on the best practices and technological capabilities at hand, thus allowing for a better experience for your customers.
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