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Top 9 Tips to Select a Right Digital Publishing Service Provider

The digital publication of magazines, e-books besides the development of digital libraries and catalogues, beyond the inclusion of the editing, proofreading and finalisation of books that can be read on a screen via a computer, tablet, mobile or instruments like Kindle is often referred to as Digital Publishing, and is also referred to as Electronic publishing, e-publishing or online publishing. Certain industries like Science and Research have seen and worked on a mature approach to e-Publishing, especially as they are keen to showcase their research journals as quickly and widely as possible.
A fact publishing article by European Parliament Think Tank shows an estimated revenue/ value of USD 151 Billion of book publishing, and the sector to electronically publish and distribute is growing like it never did in the past. USA is leading the eBook category worth 13.5% share while the United Kingdom has 11.5% and Germany with 5% is close on its heels. According to the same paper, E-Books in 2014 only help 1.6% of the book market share in 2014.
Also, in the last few years, a number of publishers have downsized or restructured due to the growing financial constraints. The trend also sees a shift in digitalising efforts and moving towards eBooks. There are a number of advantages to turn to E-publications and furthermore to outsource it to an expert in Digital Publishing Services. Digital Publishing outsourcing has seen an up-rise owing to the major benefits it offers. A Digital publishing service provider would employ experts who have worked closely with major brands globally over a number of years, thus giving them the experience that directly benefits the firm outsourcing this. A digital publishing company can be a great asset to your kitty. There are a number of digital publishing service providers, but it is important to hand over your Digital Publishing Outsourcing to the Digital Publishing Company most apt to you, Let us look at the top tips to select the right firm to outsource Digital publishing services.

Find below the top 9 tips that helps you to select a right digital publishing service provider:

1. Keep costs down

It is important you save money when outsourcing the process; else the purpose would be defeated. Keep this in mind when looking for an outsourcing service provider.Digital publishing also helps save inventory holding and obsolescence costs.

2. Turnaround times

From small manuscripts to actual publishing, a major aspect would be a check on the turnaround times of the digital publisher. Carefully analyse the assets and resources and work on a realistic timeline that puts both you and the digital publishing company at ease.

3. One stop solution

From the start to the finish, the entire process of e-book delivery is important. Does your publisher have the capability and the resources to complete the assigned tasks under one roof? Have a quick check of the capabilities of the vendors bidding for your project to get the answers.

4. Image conversion ability

Data processing especially image conversions and optimisations are an important aspect of the process. Your digital publishing service provider should showcase the ability for image conversions including being able to showcase some previous works and case studies, and some testimonials for the same.

5. Use the format of choice

Be it XML/HTML/SGML conversion or the format of your choice, with e-books you can optimise formats on your choice and the ease of readability.

6. Security

It is imperative to look at data security. Encrypted transfer of documents and access only to key authorised personnel is the way to move ahead.Your outsourced service provider needs to be able to possess and display best practices in the security of data and its transfer.

7. Use of tools and technology

As mentioned for data transfer and reporting structures, it is important that the firm you are working with on digital publishing services has the tools and technology at hand. This will ease your e-book publishing work and help you get real-time know how and control over timelines.

8. Easily monetise

For an e-book, the globe is your platform and users across the planet are your potential customers. The advantage of having a digital publication is that it allows for endless sales and monetisation across geographies and time-zones via the use of technology. The ability of your prospective users to preview a book is good enough to entice them to buy it.

9. Enjoy the ability to update at a quick notice

Updates on digital publishing are way easier compared to a physical print. You can update and upload newer versions at a much faster rate compared to a version available.
The advantages of outsourcing digital publishing are many. Outsourcing the process of digital publishing to a quality service provider with the expertise and experience in the domain adds tremendous value in terms of being cost effective, efficiencyin turn-around times, and also helps achieve quality.
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