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7 Reasons to Outsource Catalog Management services to India

Catalog management services include the procedures of categorising all products, adding prices and offers, and adding and updating products based on sizes, color and availability for Shopping cart platforms/ eCommerce websites. As a solution, Catalog processing is one among the fasted growing eCommerce service which is often outsourced to the expert BPOs who are proficient working on this process for a range of industries, company sizes and countries across the planet.  The entries are done at the back end system and allow for high-quality processing of product data including pictures, size guides, and videos where required. The Catalog management services are often outsourced to India as the country provides a range of advantages to the outsourcing company. The service providers in India provide experienced staff with proficiency in eCommerce Catalog management serving a range of industries. The advantages of eCommerce Catalog management outsourcing to the BPOs in India far outweigh the alternative approach of using in-house hired resources.
The solutions of Catalog management outsourcing include the following services.

·   Updating/ adding products
·   Size/ colour/ variants/ similar products availability
·   Price, discounts and offers on products
·   Products categorisation and hierarchy
·   Image/ video processing
·   Catalog building and indexing
·   Catalog conversions to suitable formats
·   Bulk uploading for products
·   Uploading solutions for all major shopping cart platforms
·   Products descriptions content writing

Having learnt about the solutions provided by the service providers, let us now have a look reasons why you should consider a Catalog management company in India, seven of which are listed here.

1.   Experience and expertise

With a number of industries served by expert executives, eCommerce Catalog outsourcing service providers offer a distinct advantage of providing fast and effective solutions with timely deliveries. The know-how of working with various shopping cart platforms and with industries across the globe helps your project get on the fast track and you can be online and selling quickly compared to hiring, training, grooming and checking on your own in-house resources, thus allowing you more freedom to work on the business rather than in the business. Training is frequent and being in the business, the executives know what’s in trend at the time of delivery and how it needs to be processed as per consumer trends and the industry being catered to. This clerical non-core activity once outsourced allows you the freedom to concentrate in your core business activities.

2.   Cost-effective solutions – pay as you go

There are various models you could choose. Either a timely one time project or a retainer model, either in which case you would only pay for the services completed with due quality checks. Beyond this, you also would not be paying for a complete analysis and study of your portal by the BPO who would invest time and resources in training and guiding its employees for your bespoke solutions.

3.   Comprehensive solutions under one roof

The Outsourcing BPO for Catalog Management Company India allows you a range of solutions under one roof. Even if the format of your Catalog is on paper, and needs conversion; starting there until complete uploading as per the categorisation and pricing offers complete with image processing including help with product description writing is all completed under one roof, thus you do not need to engage multiple vendors for your services. From product entry to processing data and even timely updates, the BPO offers you all services under one roof.

4.   Monitoring and real time quality checks and audits

The consistent quality checks and real time monitoring using the latest in software ensures your processing quality and the speed is optimised hence lading to quicker turn-around times and keeping errors away.

5.   Round the clock support with dedicated account managers

A structured hierarchy specialising in Catalog management services allows you to have a dedicated team and manager for your account, thus giving you the option to get quick reports or a question answered when you need one. This is almost like having the advantage of an internal asset without hiring one. Round the clock support means you don’t have to worry about the global time-zones or the time difference between your country and India, also allowing you the freedom to travel to a totally different time-zone and still get the answers when you need them.

6.   Flexibility and elasticity of operations

The outsourced service providers often provide the option of scaling operations and faster processing of larger orders when required by the outsourcing company. This allows you to expand your business and grabbing the opportunity to up the ante with your revenue cycles. Also, when the business needs to be low, you can choose to slow down without having to worry about costs as in the case of in-house employees. You decide the pace and timelines, thus giving you a distinct advantage.

7.   Better revenue through enhanced product visibility

The outsourced service providers’ proficiency in processes of eCommerce Catalog management services means your products are structured and placed well. The optimised format including the Titles, descriptions, categorisation and images means you get better visibility with your consumers. Focused eyeballs on your products translate into better revenues. Also, this formatting allows for search engine optimisations thus helping you scale higher rankings in Search Engines.

The reasons to outsource eCommerce Catalog management outline the need to engage in such a practise rather than investing time and resources in using internal employees.
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