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Top 9 Benefits of Outsourcing Data Entry Services

Data is critical to businesses. Revenue cycles and the growth rates of sales processes of firms worldwide depend on data as they need the relevant audience at the right time to reach out to with their offerings. Companies often receive data in raw form in various formats, which may either be written by hand or in a non-editable formatting (including printed format) and often spend time and resources to process the data and enter it into their systems for ease of use and in the format, they wish to have the data in. This involves time and cost and investing resources. Data entry is a non-core activity for most businesses and this has led to firms often looking at outsourced resources to complete the same, while they focus on the core activities that lead to their growth in revenue. This ensures their manpower gets processed data to use in a readymade form in a format of choice. Quality checks for the data entry services by the outsourced partner also often ensure the errors are minimized and that they only pay for completed work rather than investing in-house resources and worrying about the efficiency levels as well. A data entry company could be present literally anywhere geographically as the advent of technology ensures smooth communication virtually and at a time of choice. Thus, data entry outsourcing is often the choice for firms who are looking for quality work while saving time and money alongside beyond considerations of scalability when needed. The opportunity costs are a big consideration when choosing whether to outsource data entry services or keep this in-house. There are a number of benefits an organization may harvest when using a data entry outsourcing firm, 9 of which are listed here.
1.    It saves money, for sure
Costs are a critical advantage when you outsource data entry services to an outsourced firm. You may save an appreciable amount in an outsourced contract when comparing the costs of doing this activity with internal resources. The value of a bigger contract means even more savings.
2.    Customisation of data entry services
Most business outsourcing organisations offer custom solutions for their clients. Every firm has different needs and outsourcing firms look forward to providing specific bespoke solutions. The range of experience a BPO may acquire over the years working with different industries geographically provides them with a unique advantage to help cater to different needs.
3.    Flexibility in operations and elasticity when needed
There are times you need data at quick speed. Larger data entries in a shorter span of time means the BPO needs to be able to scale operations by adding team members in a short duration and for a short duration. This flexibility helps you save crucial opportunity time and also gets you the data for use when you need it and how you need it.
4.    Use of technology
BPOs that specialise in data entry often use up-to-date technology to deliver the data in high quality formats. The reports are structured and usable in easy to access formatting and integrate into various forms as custom required by the outsourcer.
5.    Staff oozes quality
The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies often have staff that specializes in the given industry and is adaptable to needs. The high quality of staff who possess the expertise and experience translates into a good performance for data entry projects, vis a vis the in-house resources.
6.    Data security and risk mitigation
Data, whether in processed or unprocessed needs to have a high level of security and this is of prime importance to the parent firm; leaks and hacks need to be guarded against. The Outsourced BPOs have the levels of expertise in providing this solution and thus ensuring peace of mind.
7.    Tracking and monitoring
Most BPOs allow real-time access to their resources and have a structured hierarchy to monitor results. Quicker audit and checks ensure double checks on your data entry processing. This gives you a feel of the work in progress like in the case of your own hired resources. There are a number of time tracking software that can be used for monitoring the progress of work.
8.    Quicker turn-around schedules
BPOs get paid for delivery and hence ensure they provider quicker and more effective turnaround times. Compared this to in-house resources working on 9 hour shifts alone and that too with lesser efficiency and you would see way higher value in outsourcing data entry requirements. The workflows are smoother and this means operations are unhindered.
9.   Research in times of need
There are times when you need research alongside data entry and with a wider resource base, the outsourced firms provide much more value in research when it is actually needed and structured protocols ensure emergencies are taken care of in a smooth manner.
The number of benefits of outsourcing your data entry far outweighs the option of keeping this non-core activity in-house. Go ahead; take advantage of having your data entry needs met with an effective outsourced data entry company.

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