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Advantages of Outsourcing Freight Bill Audits

If frequent shipping of freight is your business or is part of your core field of work, one specific task you often deal with is the processing of the freight bills. Based on the size of your operation, your freight bills can run into thousands in numbers if not more. This also means that the errors within, even if they are only worth a few cents may turn up to a sizeable amount if you consider hundreds of weekly bills passing through you. Based on certain researches conducted within the shipping industry, it has been noticed that over 30% of all invoices have an error in them. As a business, this translates into a loss of revenue for you. Even if you were to say that the amount may be a few cents in an invoice, let us consider the larger picture at hand which translates these few cents multiplied thousands of times, thus leading to significant losses of revenue for your business. This being the case still does not motivate many companies to consider checks and audits as an ongoing process. How would you as a business justify leaks of revenue and not plugging the hole? Why don’t shippers and freight handlers run tighter audit processes? There are multiple reasons why this may not be a priority for businesses. Let us look at some obvious reasons for the lack of motivation for freight bill audits.

•    Lack of adequate workforce to run reviews of thousands of invoices
•    Shortage of expertise and experience in audits
•    The absence of know-how and current compliance
•    The core processes do not allow for enough time for inspections to be run.
•    Not understanding the gravity of the more substantial loss

As an auditor for freight bills, we are often hired by shipping companies as their outsourced arm. Max BPO Outsourcing, we have been running audits for over 20+ years, and our expertise and experience within this scope of work has allowed us to serve 50+ firms in 20+ countries. Our strengths can be outlined as under.

•    We audit more than 40,000+ invoices each month.
•    Our clients often gain 10 to 40% profit with our processes.
•    We have made corrections in over 30% of all invoicing received.
•    We save thousands of dollars for each contracted company each month.

Our strengths allow you significant advantages of auditing freight bills as compared to using your in-house team for the same.

•    We employ the latest in software, so you don’t have to, but still get to use the advantages of technology and get reports in easy to use and store formats.
•    We employ experienced resources and, so you get a dedicated team without hiring one.
•    We work round the clock, so you can be assured of getting a response when you want one. The dedicated team that works 24x7 for you allows you the distinct advantage of seeking answers when you need them.
•    Allowing us to perform audits will enable you to focus on your core business and leave the non-core tasks to our expertise.
•    You pay for what we deliver to you and not for the processes we run to achieve that delivery. Our method of auditing freight bills is pretty straight forward and includes the steps as below:

1.    We receive the invoices from you that may have been collated over the last six months.
2.    We tally invoices to price agreements.
3.    We file claims for you.
4.    Your company receives the check upon processing the payment.
5.    We also run pre-audits for you before you release the payments. This allows you to save on over-payments.
6.    You pay us only for what we deliver

Reach Max BPO Outsourcing for audits of your freight bills and allow yourself the time and resources to work towards your larger vision of growth. Let us handle the non-core tasks for you while you grow your business.

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