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Product Data Cleansing in Ecommerce Industry

The process of finding corrupt, incomplete, dirty or inaccurate data from a database, table or any sort of collective data source and then modifying, deleting or rewriting the same is called “Data Cleansing”, this process is often referred as “Data Scrubbing” too.

After knowing the definition of Data Cleansing, we should know why data cleansing is done. There is an apparent reason behind data cleansing, the accurate data not only will save the time but will also increase the efficiency of Companies.  In other words, no positive result can be produced unless a perfect and flawless Product Data Cleansing is not performed.

In the process of Data Cleansing there are two major aspects that ensure the success and those are “Identify” and “Removal” of incomplete, inaccurate or obsolete data from its source. The sole purpose of this process is to curb the error or inaccuracy in obtaining the results.

Data cleansing is sometime performed both online and offline as every individual data must be identified as customer data so that it can be used and integrated in main database or in its original data source.

Since the data is imported and collected from various sources and that is present in various formats here comes the biggest challenge to clean or scrub the data into most desired format and in most convenient way to use the same in enhancing the business on a vast horizon.

Presently outsourcing companies those are in fields of data cleansing use a variety of online and offline and even combination of various tools to perform data cleansing. To name a few like OpenRefine (Earlier known as Google Refine) is most powerful and free open source tool others are like Drake, Data Ladder, Winpure etc. It needs to be understood that only having these tools is not enough you need to work extensively to get the cleansing job done impeccably.

Since the outsource data cleansing is a very crucial in order to get success, the user must consider the outsourcing company whom he is going to assign or hire for their services. The preferred partner must be equipped with state of the art tools in data cleansing.

MAX BPO is one of the few best outsourcing companies that are fully equipped with latest tools and techniques in the eCommerce industry. Why MAX BPO is most preferred outsourcing house among the Indian and overseas vendors, is because they don’t compromise with quality and above they always offer “A Free Trial Period”, it shows how much they are certain about their services in the field.  They are most trusted by companies from all around the world when it comes to excellent and flawless data cleansing services. Their well-trained staff is the veterans from the industry. Their skills are not only lying in Online and Digitalization but also lying in offline services too.

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