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Advantages and Disadvantages of Outsourcing Manual Data Entry Services

Every organization manages a lot of data every day. Regardless of whether it is on paper or in other form, dealing with this sort of data requires consuming broad time and assets. Along these lines, to reduce the ongoing burden and focus on other core business exercises, numerous organizations outsource the data entry services to outsourcing companies or in other words Data entry firms that handle non-core data related jobs.

There are several challenges involve in manual data entry process for instance a typo error can raise short or  long  term problems that often results in creating incorrect database with obsolete information. Since it is a human conducted process, it is bound to carry such common mistakes. No company in the world likes to work with this adverse apprehension about the data they are going to use. Apparently performing the flawless manual data entry requires hiring the expertise and establishing an updated infrastructure which is undeniably very expensive affair for any organization. Keeping all these aspects in mind, companies always prefer to outsource their manual data entry services to an experienced outsourcing company.

Although outsourcing seems to be the only solution but at the same time it has several advantages as well as disadvantages too. Let’s have a look at both sides of outsourcing manual data entry services.


Real time Accuracy

Accuracy is a definitive factor for any data entry system. In contrast with automated data entry system, the manual data entry method will dependably remain ahead in perspective of accuracy as it is done by a human data entry operator who can fix the errors that are spotted during the processing. Simultaneously with growing size of business it become very hard to employ more manpower to conduct the task hence in order to save the cost of manpower, outsourcing is the best option.

More Employment opportunities

Present scenario depicts the scary situation where unemployment is rising at rapid rate just because of invention of technology in all walks of life, but adopting manual data entry system ensures more opportunities for everyone as it creates more jobs for human data entry operators.

Lesser Cost

Manual data entry does not require costly frameworks. Usually small entrepreneurs don't generally have an enormous start-up fund. A manual processing system enables a business to get into the game without putting a great deal of valuable capital into PCs, machines etc.


To error is human

Remember this famous phrase? Well, while doing manual data entry despite of taking great deal of concentration towards accuracy but still there are possible chances of errors unknowingly. Human efforts cannot be compared with automated data entry process in case of accuracy.

Speed Matters

It requires a great deal of time to enter information manually. Machines and PCs are usually quicker than people, which save time for them to focus on different things. Rather than typing throughout the day, workers could invest more energy looking into stock, conducting other more important tasks for the growth of organization.

Companies that have a growing business, always look for an experienced manual data entry company for getting their services done at the minimum possible cost with world-class state of the art technology so that the chances of errors in the database will be lesser.

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