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Pros and Cons of Call Center Outsourcing

The concept of call center outsourcing has emerged as a boon for all sized business houses and organizations as outsourcing alleviates the burden of hiring, training and maintaining the staff for non-core activities. Still we have quite a few business houses that has not still outsourced its non-core activities. By outsourcing the organizations get an exclusive access to advanced technology platform owned by its outsourcing partner. The questions arise what makes this outsourcing so popular among overseas organizations? There are few realistic answers like cost reduction, real time visibility, strategic approach, automated methodologies and so on.

Alone in the US, the cost of an employee in an organization may vary between $20 to $30 per hour while Indian companies are offer $8 to $12 per hour inclusive of extensive manpower & perfect blend of technology. Cutting costs, reducing capital budget and increasing efficiency are the key reason to enforce businesses to explore an option of outsourcing.

Searching a well established outsourcing company is always a tricky task, but once you find an experienced and result oriented outsourcing partner, you will soon leverage the advantages of outsourcing in no time.

Although in process of Outsourcing call center services both receiver and services provider are geographically dispersed but with availability of most recent technologies, this distance doesn’t matter.

Let’s have a close look at all possible pros and cons of outsourcing call center services.


  • Enhanced Flexibility

Outsourcing allows organization to more focus on organizational core activities and can feel a sense of increasing operative flexibility within the organization. Additionally, it gets the aberrant access to the latest technologies through its outsourcing partner.

  • Nonstop Business Continuity 

At the point when your call center provider ensures 100% uptime, as he has servers situated in various geographic areas and has staff committed to ensuring robust call quality, you can be progressively certain with their capacity to address your client's issues.

  • Reduced Cost, Increased profit

Another splendid advantage of outsourcing your services is that it brings down your operational cost as you don’t need to put your money into establishing a technical platform to take care of non-core activities and obviously once the cost is reduced the bottom-line will witness an upswing.


  • Uncertainty Security of Data

Despite of repeated promised by an outsourcing company, your data may be at risk, it can be leaked or even may be misused in few cases. There are several cases of breaching of data security and such caseskeep coming in our knowledge off and on.

  • Lack of knowledge on client’s cultural behavior 

Call center executives may not have thefamiliarity and cultural understanding about the citizens of country they are working for, an incomplete perceptive about their culture, their telephonic habits may raise a barrier that may destruct the growth of business instantly.

  • Victim of handling multiple clients

Usually an outsourcing company handles multiple clients simultaneously,there could be a chance that you might feel not getting precise attention from them.

  • The Final Words

Seeing the impressive growth and demand of outsourcing companies in last two decades, it seems the industry has improved a lot and has delivered the services beyond the expectations of their clients.

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