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The Best Customer Acquisition Techniques You Need to Start Testing

What is customer acquisition? Well, in layman’s language, the process of convincing new customers to buy your products or services is referred to as customer acquisition. Before we move further, we must distinguish between customer retention and customer acquisition. When you put your efforts creating strategies to satisfy your existing customer by giving them more improved products and services that are called customer retention and when you try to get a new customer for your product or service verticals that are called customer acquisition.

No business can grow unless it doesn’t try hard to increase the number of customers for its main products line. Every business looks for new customers as a number of customers will result in an increased sale and eventually more sales mean more revenue? Sounds good?

Well, it’s a matter of fact that customer acquisition is always five times more costly than retaining your existing clients.

Addition to the fact that finding new clients for your business is not that easy, as it requires to be well versed in modern technologies, social media and above all, you need to create an infrastructure that again will cost you dearly in order to attract a new customer. Facts reveal that only 40% of businesses can focus equally on their existing as well as new customer acquisition strategies. A business needs a number of practical techniques that work collectively to get new customers for your products. 

Let’s have a look at a few of the best customer acquisition techniques that help a business to grow instantly.

Establishing a Customized Inbound and Outbound Call Centers

Every customer wants to be heard well& treated fairly. Customer also desires to have answers to all his queries about the product he is enquiring for. When you employ a dedicated department that looks after all the needs of a new prospective client, you get the desired results very soon.

Perfect Social Media Campaign

In the era of social media, if a business doesn’t use the advantages of the digital world, it will lag behind soon for sure. These days, a business needs to be presented on social media likewise Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube to name a few. You need to create a unique page with active customer acquisition strategy to convert more and more visitors as your new customers.

It’s all about Now or Never.

In the presence of tough competition market, every minute counts, no one likes to wait. For example, a client calls your company to know more about a product, he has just seen somewhere, but unfortunately, he is put on wait hold, the study reveals that after a few minutes of waiting, 80% of people hung up the call and explore other options to get the same product or service. Can you bear the loss? Of course not. The client needs answers NOW or NEVER, so it’s your business decision to create a customer care team within your organization that has a maximum number of executives to answer the instantly and convert an enquirer to a customer.

Honestly, all these techniques require a considerable investment from business and most of them cannot invest heavily. Per the facts and figures of the last half a decade, the rising cost of infrastructure and team, enforce businesses to explore other options to deal with customer acquisition & retention.

Here, the only choice that remains for a business to grow is Outsourcing customer acquisition services. The business who decides to hire customer acquisition services to get instant benefits.

Every business that wants to flourish should look for a perfect and strategic outsourcing partner, who is equipped with the state-of-the-art technologies and experience to offer the best solution to meet your targets.

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